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Unified marketing & analytics platform to reach your marketing goals.

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 With seamless integration with your POS offer convenient Food Ordering

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Develop a close bond with your customers and keep them coming back.

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Collect real-time feedback from customers to guide your marketing strategy.

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The mKonnekt Advantage

mkonnekt Platform

All our products are fully integrated into each other. Manage your restaurant from a single dashboard.

mkonnekt Integrations

We are integrated into several prominent PoS solutions and payment gateways.

mkonnekt Analytics Dashboard

View all your restaurant data and get actionable insights on a single dashboard.

mkonnekt customer support

Our support team is available on call & live chat 7 days a week, throughout the year.

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Restaurant Marketing Platform

A2A Framework™: A Strategic Roadmap Optimizing Engagement at Every Step of the Customer Journey

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Leverage The Power Of Data

Restaurant owners now have access to an overwhelming amount of data on their customers. But, do you know how to use this data?

The mKonnekt platform is built around A2A Framework™ that provides unique insights into your customer’s journey.

It enables you to plan, execute, and optimize your marketing strategies by providing the right and timely customer data and insights.

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Build A Brand Identity

Our analytical platform enables the execution of the right “CTA’s” at opportune times nudging the customer to move along the customer funnel.

Build Brand Awareness and reach out to new and existing customers through social media, email marketing, and local marketing.

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Grow Your Customer Base

Monitor customer interactions with your brand and engage with your customers on an ongoing basis to foster brand growth and loyalty.

Respond to reviews and build local campaigns all through a single dashboard.

Track the performance of your campaigns and optimize them with the help of our smart insights.

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Offer A Seamless Experience

All our products are fully integrated with each other and enable you to follow your customers through each stage of the customer journey.

Send out relevant and personalized marketing messages to increase conversions and generate incremental revenues.


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