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mKonnket is an end to end data-driven restaurant marketing platform. We use online, in-store and post-purchase customer data and feedback to build on our A2A Marketing Approach that helps you to reach out to your customers at every stage of the purchase journey, and come up with customized marketing strategies for your business, which help you turn your customers into brand advocates.

A2A Framework™ : A Strategic Roadmap Optimizing Engagement at Every Step of the Customer Journey.

A2A Model
Customer journey starts with brand awareness and goes through various phases to reach the advocacy stage.

The mKonnekt platform is built around A2A Framework™ that provides unique insights into your customer’s journey. It enables you to plan, execute and optimize your marketing strategies by providing right and timely customer data and insights. Our analytical platform enables execution of right “CTA’s” at opportune times nudging the customer to move along the customer funnel.

We do this through a combination of products and services, which helps restaurants and marketing agencies to manage different phases of the customer journey.

Our Products

At mKonnekt, our philosophy is guided by A2A Framework and data-driven marketing strategies. After analyzing the customer journey and identifying different customer touch points that restaurants and brands can manage, we have created a product mix that will help you to increase sales.

mKonnekt’s range of products enables restaurants to create a customer profile – demographics and transactional in order to come up with personalized marketing approaches.

A unified marketing and analytics platform for the efficient management of your marketing goals.

restaurant marketig platform

With our intelligent solution, you will no longer miss any days important to your customers; Send out gift certificates or vouchers automatically to build customer loyalty.

Our Online ordering solution can be seamlessly integrated with your POS and helps you to offer responsive and convenient Food Ordering to your customers.

Real-time feedback from customers is valuable for any business. Kritiq helps you to collect customer reviews and use them to guide your future strategy.

A comprehensive loyalty program that helps you develop a close bond with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Gritto is mKonnekt’s referral module that enables and monitors customer referrals through multiple channels.

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