4Q Marketing Platform

A complete solution taking care of your Online and Social media, Reputation management, Buzz creation, Grassroots marketing.


With the right data, deliver the right message at the right time.


Get a clear picture of how, where and when are your customers interacting with your business.


Turn customers into brand advocates.


Our platform helps you integrate your online and offline channels.

Buzz creation

Keep your customers happy via email marketing, and also host in-house events to maintain a strong brand presence, online and offline.

Online and social media

Manage your online presence through social media and internet marketing. Define your target audience, and reach out to the right audience to make them aware that you EXIST! And then start offering awesome food, great service and irresistible offers to make them come back to you again, and again. And again.

Grassroot marketing

Identifying and engaging with the members or groups in the local community can bring in a host of benefits. If done correctly grassroots marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate footfalls and business. It also helps develop a love for your brand in the local community. Participate in the community events in your neighborhood, so you can become a valuable member of the community.

Reputation management

In today’s world everyone goes online to gather information. Ignoring your online footprint can easily lead to loss of business. With a forever connected world news travels fast amongst people and communities. And bad news travels even faster. The world of reviews and reputation has evolved at a pace faster than nothing else on the internet. To maintain your online reputation you need to respond to reviews good and bad.

Turning a blind eye to bad reviews will worsen your reputation. Be polite. Be charming. And never argue.To undertake The process requires a proper system in place for both tracking and responding.

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