mKonnekt- Restaurant Marketing and Technology Solutions
mKonnekt- Restaurant Marketing and Technology Solutions
With years of working closely with the restaurant business, we understand the importance of having a more organized & data-driven approach to marketing. We have developed mKonnekt platform that is an amalgamation of different solutions, which keeps track of customer engagement through the different stages of a customer’s journey and helps restaurants reach more customers and deliver better customer experiences.
mKonnekt- Restaurant Marketing and Technology Solutions
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To be the restaurant marketing platform that focuses on using data to engage more effectively with the customers, and enhance their dining experience.



To make data the driving force behind your marketing efforts to help you personalize your interactions with your customers at every stage of their journey.



Our customer-centric solution is derived from years of experience and arms you with insights to make every customer interaction a valuable experience.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2012 when after years of working closely with restaurants of all sizes, we could truly appreciate the amount of creativity, passion, and hard work it took to run a successful restaurant.  Along with that came the realization that making good food is not enough. In spite of working with a great concept and serving good food, 40% of the restaurants are forced to shut down within the first five years of operations.

At this juncture, we at mKonnekt decided to come up with a combination of products and services that can help restaurants manage their operations efficiently and engage their customers and keep them coming back for more.

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We remain focused on serving restaurants and empowering them

with tools to meet changing customer demands at each stage of the customer journey.

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