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Surprise Your Customers With A Birthday Special

Attract new customers, increase reach and visibility and generate incremental revenues with restaurant birthday club.

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday

Invite Them To Party

At Your Restaurant!

High Transaction Customers
An average birthday patron spends $78 per table.

Large Party Size
Birthday guests bring groups of friends and family to celebrate with them.

Brand Image
Word of Mouth advertising by happy customers helps you build your brand.

Loyal Customer Base
Engage your birthday club customers with personalized email campaigns to build a loyal customer base

Birthday Bot For Restaurants
Birthday Module For Restaurants

Ongoing Customer Accquistion

Targeting prospects with birthdays in the vicinity of your restaurant.

Facebook Chatbot

Run hyper-targeted Facebook Ad campaigns  and use our chatbot platform to attract new customers and to keep bringing back your existing customers.

A Flexible Solution

Customize every aspect of the birthday program to align with your brand identity. Create personalized offers, and update rewards based on the customer data you collect.

Easy Integrations

With multiple touchpoints, birthday module can be integrated into your website, Facebook, and other social media handles.


Automated drip email campaign with reminders are sent to customers in their birthday week encouraging them to celebrate at your restaurant.

Customer Engagement

Set up personalized email campaigns for your birthday club customers to engage them on an ongoing basis, encourage repeat visits and build a loyal customer base.

Birthday Module For Restaurants- process flow
Birthday Module For Restaurants- Analytics Dashboard

Smart Marketing Decisions

Unique insights into your customer’s journey enable you to plan, execute and optimize your marketing strategies by providing the right and timely customer data and insights

Insightful Dashboard

Track performance of offers and the progress of registrations to optimize your strategy.

Superior Support

Our team of experts configure the birthday club for your restaurant, complete with a landing page on your website. We can also assist you with the promotions.

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