A case study of FoodKonnekt Twitter Handle: Accomplishments & Aspirations

Twitter – A Strategic tool for Foodkonnekt

We have reached an important milestone of 3000 tweets from our Twitter handle, and that to us is an important milestone. We started our journey on Twitter in May 2015 when we came up with “FoodKonnekt” idea and our first tweet was on “Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet” like everyone else. So when we started the journey we did not have an idea about what we want from this medium, we did not know how we were going to use it or how we could benefit from it. With our product now in the beta phase, we are still trying to figure out how to use twitter more Effectively.

As a B2B company and with our mantra as online ordering, analytics, and marketing we want to highlight our 3As with Twitter – Accomplishments, Analysis, and Aspirations.

1) Accomplishments

The idea of FoodKonnekt was born from one of our customer’s expressing frustrations about the online ordering system he was using at the time. His was totally frustrated with the inability to tally sales and the cumbersome process of transmitting (faxes) and remittances against the orders. That is when we decided that we need to have an online ordering system that is well integrated into different PoS systems. We started off with Clover as the first PoS system. Once we had started working on the development of FoodKonnekt, we wanted to know how our customers are going to receive such a product.  We chose Twitter as a medium to reach out to potential customers and create a buzz around our product. Over the past 11 months

  • We have over 3000+ tweets & 393 likes
  • We had over 200,000+ impressions
  • We had over 1500+ engagement – 800+ likes, 100+ retweets, 100+ profile clicks
  • 744 following, 800+ followers, 393 likes and listed in 329 lists (we could not find a way of finding out the number directly from Twitter except for manually counting it. The other way to find this number is from TweetDeck – Login as another account and then search for your handle. Once you find your twitter account, click on that and TweetDeck will show you the number of lists that you are listed on – pretty neat)



We have used Twitter analytics to look at what kind of tweets we were posting & our follower base profile. So our follower base is structured around what we have been tweeting about – mobile, marketing, and social media.

  • Hashtags usage: 1645 tweets has one or more hashtag with the following numbers for important hashtags (based on how we are positioning FoodKonnekt) #Marketing: 95, #SocialMedia: 225, #SocialMediaMarketing: 37, #emailmarketing: 100, #mobile: 398, #onlineordering: 18, #mobilemarketing: 29, #mobilepayments: 36, #contentmarketing: 111
  • We see Twitter as a major tool (we consider it better than email) to build strategic relationships by reaching out to potential partners as well as potential clients. The response we have seen is very encouraging
  • Our follower base is as shown below.
What Interests our Twitter Audience

Comparison between general Twitter & FoodKonnekt audience

How FoodKonnekt audience stacks up against the general Twitter Audience


With FoodKonnekt launch around the corner, we plan to refine our Twitter marketing approach with following strategies

  • Continue with our content strategy – curate content around marketing, social media, online marketing, and analytics. Focus on engagement in terms of FoodKonnekt retweeting and liking other tweets.
  • Generate original content on our blog as well as on other sites
  • Aggressively reach out to potential partners, clients and more
  • Start looking at Twitter advertising – this is high on our cards
  • Have a refined approach – use Twitter analytics and other tools to have a better engagement rate.

These are the few things we are looking at from B2B perspective. What tools and strategies are you using to market your products on Twitter.