Effective Social Media Marketing plan: Strategy & Tools

So, you have to work on a Social Media Marketing plan for a new client and you are confused! We all agree it’s not an easy task! Every client is different – their product is different, their marketing goals are different, their target audience is different. Then, there are new tools and templates on the internet every day that offer to create a solid Social Media Marketing plan in just one click. It gets confusing to say the least!

Don’t you sometimes wonder if someone could just outline one structured way of creating an effective plan and identify a few good tools that helped you with this task? So, we have done that exercise for you! We have divided the process to create an effective Social Media Marketing plan into 5 stages, listed the point of the key activities for each stage, and identified some tools that will help you with the key tasks during each stage. Let’s look at each stage one by one.


The only foolproof way of creating a successful Social Media Marketing plan is to have everything charted out in advance. That means every action you take on social media platforms should be a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. Every contest, comment, tweet, photo, the response should all be driven by a solid strategy and towards pre-determined goals.


Planning is like putting the to-do list together. You can take stock of the available resources, check what can be re-purposed, what needs to be created and allocate the tasks to your team members.


So now that you know what to do, life becomes easier, right? You now need to reinforce your strategy through your key messages on every platform. You need to create, curate, share content that talks positively about your brand; speak to your target audience and monitor how the audience is reacting to your plan.


With the realms of data that the internet throws up every day, it’s very easy to get confused. However, as you have defined your success metrics at the strategy stage itself – you know what data to look at.  You need to measure your performance only against the defined success metrics.


So, by the time you reach this stage, you know how your plan fared against your defined success metrics. You also know what was appreciated by your audience and what was rejected. You also have insights as to your consumers emerging social media trends. So, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals and align your plan to your new goals.

Let’s now look at a video to identify the key actions required to put together  an effective plan and recognize some tools that will assist you during the process:

Download the sample Social Media Marketing Plan Template created by MKonnekt and FoodKonnekt: Template_Social Media Marketing Plan