How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

What is an Instagram takeover?

An Instagram takeover is the process of requesting someone to take over your Instagram account temporarily and share content with your audience. Takeovers are a great example of a 50/50 value exchange. It allows brands, individuals and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content. They can help you to boost awareness, engagement, or conversion for your brand.

With a takeover, the host gets to offer a fresh perspective which can bring value to its followers while the guest gets to reach a new audience.

How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

Here are five key steps to a successful Instagram takeover:

Originally, Instagram takeovers required the guest to take over your Instagram feed and make posts on your behalf for a specified period of time. However, this does not work well with most brands aspiring to create a certain look for their Instagram handles, as it is difficult to ensure that the guest adheres to your style book. The better option, in this case, is to host an Instagram story or Instagram live videos takeover. Videos are definitely more engaging and since stories are not a part of your feed, they do not interfere with the overall appearance of your Instagram page.

1. Set Clear goals

The first question you should ask yourself is what do you expect from the takeover? Setting out clear goals and expectations from the Instagram Takeover helps you to build a strategy and enables you to measure the success of the takeover. The relevant and goals you could consider:

  • Increasing brand awareness – Followers growth, reach and a number of views.
  • Engaging the community – Number of interactions- likes or comments. Direct Messages, Mentions or Tags.
  • Promoting a product or an event – Traffic to your website, number of conversions, etc.

How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

2. Choose your Guest

The next thing to consider is who could you invite for the takeover. Here, the goals that you have set out in the first step may serve as a useful guideline. As a restaurant owner, you could look at the following options.

Company or brand- For instance, if you own a bakery, you could tie up with a local coffee house. Or, if you own a drink and dine place which hosts live events, you could ask the band or the artist who is scheduled to perform at your restaurant to host a takeover.

Industry Influencer or food bloggers – They can provide great value to your brand and help in raising brand awareness and engagement.

Team members or your colleagues can introduce your followers to the company culture or their perspective about your brand.

Employees can give your followers an insider’s view of the company and help you connect with your followers on a personal level.

Inviting a Customer or community member to share his/her experience with your brand is a great way to develop a bond with your audience.

3. Lay down guidelines

Once you have zeroed in on the guest, you should work out the details of the arrangement. One of the important questions to consider here is whether you will be hosting a complete takeover or a partial one. In a complete takeover, the guest posts directly to your account using your login information, while in a partial takeover, the guest sends you content to post on their behalf.

You may feel a bit insecure sharing your account information with another person and losing control over the nature of posts that go out on your feed in a full takeover, however, there are several advantages to it. Firstly, a full account takeover is simpler to execute and feels more authentic. Your guest can respond to messages or comments in real-time. Finally, It’s the only way for your guest to go live with your Instagram account.

How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

A partial takeover keeps your account information secure and you have full control over the posts on your feed. However, a partial account takeover has its own shortcomings like your guest is not able to reply to comments or messages on Instagram stories and even on posts. They can only reply from their own handle. Further, there is no way for your guest to go live.

Other things to consider:

  • Length of the takeover – Instagram stories takeover usually last for a day, while a live video takeover could last for anywhere between a few minutes to an hour. If you are requesting your guest to post to your feed, then the duration of the takeover could last for a few days.
  • Type of content-  tips, opinions, product review.
  • Frequency of posts
  • Hashtag Use– You could decide on branded hashtags that you would want your guest to use for each of their posts or even for promotions.
  • Any topics or content that you consider impermissible

Instagram launched paid partnership tags to make the takeover process simpler and to provide full transparency on post data. You can use this facility by approving a contributor to tag your business.

3. Generate buzz

How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

You should introduce your guest to your followers, so there’s no confusion about the content on your Instagram feed. Ideally, you would want to announce the takeover through an Instagram post or a story a day or a week before the takeover. You can also promote it on your other social media channels to draw more attention to the takeover. You should also be requesting your guest to promote the takeover on his Instagram handle. This provides your brand with additional exposure to the audience of your guest.

4. Launch and Monitor

One on your team should constantly monitor your Instagram handle for the duration of the Takeover to manage comments and feedback. Even if your guest is responding to comments, it’s always a good idea for a team member to monitor the flow of conversations. Once the takeover is complete, you should announce it by a post and encourage your guest to do the same.

How to Conduct a Successful Instagram Takeover?

5. Wrap it Up and Analyze

It is time to analyze your performance in terms of the goals that you had set out in the first step. You would also want to review what kind of content worked best for the takeover. This will help you to tweak your strategy for better results from any future takeovers.

Instagram takeovers are an excellent marketing opportunity giving you a chance to develop a bond with your audience. Have you done Instagram takeovers as either the host or guest before? Do you have any tips for a great Instagram takeover?