How To Increase Your Restaurant Revenues With Online Fundraisers?

One of the best ways restaurant owners can connect with their local communities is by developing a restaurant fundraising program. The fundraisers provide an opportunity to build new partnerships with local organizations and connect with a large group of guests. The events also bring additional revenue and traffic to restaurants, which can be especially helpful during slower days. 

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues with Online Fundraisers

Once you have established a relationship with a few of the organizations in your local community, restaurant fundraisers can be set up easily without much effort on your part. To help our restaurant clients, we at mKonnekt have come up with a solution that helps restaurants in setting up Online Fundraisers with local organizations. You can increase your restaurant revenues with online fundraisers by targeting the right audience and promoting the event adequately.

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues With Online Fundraisers: Chipotle

What Are The Benefits Of Online Fundraisers For Restaurants?

a. Connect with their local communities
b. Build new partnerships with organizations
c. Bring bring additional revenue and traffic to restaurants
d. Build a Loyal customer base

How does the local community benefit from Online Fundraisers with restaurants?

a. Local organizations (schools, churches, NGO’s) benefit from the year long secure means to raise funds.
b. Their supporters can contribute to the cause while enjoying a delicious meal.
c. Once the fundraiser is set up, the entire process from receiving orders to forwarding proceeds to the partnering organization is automated and does not require any intervention.
d. The entire process is completely transparent as both the restaurant and the participating organization receive a comprehensive report with details like total number of orders placed, total attributable sales and the amount raised.

How to promote your restaurant within the local community?

1. Update you website with Local NAP Information
2. Include location based keywords, hashtags on your website and social media content.
3. List your website on local directories
4. Focus on local promotions such as flyers and coupon distribution
5. Set up local Marketing Ads
6. Optimize your Google My Business Page
7. Organize contests, events to attract the local community.
8. Partner with your local community
9. Plan co-marketing activities with local businesses

How can your restaurant benefit from  partnering with the local community?

Restaurants are hyper-local in nature.  The local community is their primary target audience. Partnering with local organizations and businesses gives you an opportunity to interact with the local residents, build your brand identity and turn them into regular customers.

How can restaurants partner with the local community?

1. Identify strategic partners with whom you can work to execute co-marketing activities and come up with a value proposition that will be appealing to your customers as well as your partner’s customers.  For instance; if you run a salad bar or a health food restaurant you could partner with a gym to provide discounts on each other’s products.
2. Reach out to schools, churches  and NGO’s in your neighborhood to check if they are hosting any events/contests for which you can provide coupons or gift certificates.
3. Look for catering opportunities at these events
4. Contribute to a cause that reflects your business’s values. Identify a local charity that your customers associate themselves with and approach them to organize a fundraiser. 
Involve your customers by organizing events just as Trunk or Treat or ugly sweater competition at your restaurant.
5. Start a donation drive by telling your customers that you will be collecting non-perishable food items/ toys/books for donation to a local charity. Offer a discount to anyone bringing in items for donation.

Restaurant Online Fundraising Program

Online fundraisers are a year long activity. We approach local organizations (churches, schools and NGOs to see if they  are interested in partnering with the restaurant for an Online Fundraiser. Supporters of the participating organization can contribute to their cause every time they order online from the restaurant using a unique code. 10% of the attributable sales are credited to the participating organization at the end of each month. 

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues With Online Fundraisers: Buffalo Wild Wings

These fundraisers provide a variety of benefits for restaurants and local community organizations. The participating organization benefits from a year-long secure means to generate funds for the cause, while the restaurant benefits from fostering deep connections within the local community. These events also bring additional revenue to restaurants from online orders. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to set up.

How To Get Started With Restaurant Online Fundraisers?

Any restaurant interested in hosting online fundraisers for local community organizations can use our solution irrespective of the online ordering platform they use. 

We provide you with a unique online ordering link which is used only for the fundraiser, so you can easily track the additional revenue you generate from these fundraisers. 

Once you get onboarded, our team of marketing specialists reach out to local organizations on your behalf to check out the possibility of partnering with them for fundraisers. We generate a unique ID for each of the participating organizations.

We also help you with the promotion of the event.

How Do Online Fundraisers Work?

Let’s understand this with the help of an example

Restaurant Alpha wants to partner with local organizations for online fundraisers.

1. We provide them with a UNIQUE ONlINE ORDERING LINK

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues With Online Fundraisers: Native Online ordering Link

2. We reach out to local churches, schools and NGOs to seek partnerships. Let’s say we tie up with school Beta for the fundraiser

2. We generate an exclusive Id for the participating school. Eg: BETA

3. We create posters and flyers for the events and send it out to the school so they can promote the event. We also provide promotional material to the restaurant for promotions.

4. We also help with promoting the event online.

5. Any customer who wants to support the school can place an order online using the link provided. The first time the customer places an order he will need to login with his email id and use the school code (in this case, BETA) to place an order. After the first order, whenever this customer orders again, his order will automatically be attributed to the school.

6. At the end of each month, both the school and the restaurant receive an order summary detailing the number of orders placed, total sales generated and the amount raised for the school.

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues With Online Fundraisers: Native Online ordering Link

Wrap Up

Fundraising at restaurants is truly a win-win scenario! Restaurants get to establish closer ties with their communities and supporters of the local organizations get to support their cause in a fun, delicious way. If you would like to see how the system works Schedule A Demo.