Restaurant Marketing Platform: mKonnekt’s Integrated Marketing Platform for Restaurants

In the highly competitive restaurant space where every other brand is vying for customers’ attention it becomes difficult to stand out and nurture long-term loyalty. Engaging your customers via both offline and digital channels like social media, email marketing and ads keeps your restaurant top of mind and helps you expand your customer base. 

However, restaurant marketers find it difficult to build, track and optimize campaigns across different channels. The mKonnekt restaurant marketing platform, built around A2A Framework™, provides unique insights into your customer’s journey enabling you to plan, execute, and optimize your digital and local marketing strategies from a single interface by providing the right and timely customer data and insights. 

Our integrated restaurant marketing platform enables you to follow your customers through each stage of the customer journey and send out relevant and personalized marketing messages to increase conversions and generate incremental revenues.

This all-in one marketing platform for restaurants helps you to build your restaurant brand and engage with your customers on an ongoing basis to foster brand growth and loyalty. You can respond to reviews and build local campaigns all through a single dashboard. mKonnekt’s intuitive and robust marketing platform for restaurants allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and optimize them to generate incremental revenues for your restaurant clients.

The restaurant marketing platform is divided into 4 quadrants that make it easier to manage your marketing needs:

1. Social Media Management and Website Analytics

2. Reputation Management

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email marketing
  • Integrated Feedback Mechanism
  • Restaurant Birthday Bot

3. Buzz Creation

  • Offer Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Ad Management

4. Local Marketing


Social media marketing is all about engagement.  However, measuring engagement can be a challenge given the unique metrics and specific challenges of different platforms. Our social media dashboard collects data from different platforms into a single reporting interface that can be shared to everyone on your marketing team. Rather than logging into each individual social media platform to check stats, the social media monitoring dashboard acts as a one-stop shop for your social monitoring needs saving time and effort.

By analyzing your marketing efforts on each platform, this dashboard also gives you insight into the nature of content that is popular with your clients. The metrics help you analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in terms of leads, website visibility and better brand recognition. 

Relevant KPIs and metrics

  • Social Interactions
  • Social Traffic and Conversions
  • Key Social Metrics

Website Data

Web analytics dashboard  allows you to monitor your website performance by tracking metrics like visitors and online conversions. While website analytics are also available on platforms like Google Analytics, having this data on a single reporting interface along with other key metrics from your social media handles helps you keep a close watch on your ROI.

  1. Why Do You Need A Social Media Dashboard For Your Restaurant Clients?

    Managing multiple social media accounts on native platforms can take up a lot of your time and efforts. A unified dashboard helps you analyze engagement and conversion across channels to detect opportunities and optimize your strategy.

  2. How Can You Use Social Media To Boost Engagement For Your Restaurant?

    Social Media offers an opportunity for restaurant owners to connect with their customers on a personal level, build their brand, and drive customers to their store. Here are few ways you to boost engagement on social media.
    1. Run Polls and Contests
    2. Encourage your followers to check-in and share pictures
    3. Respond to comments and reviews
    4. Share Customer Photos
    5. Participate in conversations on Local Facebook Groups
    6. Court Food Influencers

  3. How Can You Use Social Media At Each Stage Of The Customer Funnel?

    a. Know your Target audience
    b. Determine which social media platforms would be suitable for your business
    c. Figure out the best time and frequency to post.
    d. Have a content plan
    e. Explore a different kind of content forms for your promotions- images, videos, live stories, Long-form videos, infographics.
    g. Advertise on all relevant social networks.
    h. Court Food Influencers
    Social Media At Each Stage Of The Customer Funnel


In a highly competitive restaurant industry, online ratings and reviews play a major role in attracting customers to the restaurant and can heavily impact a restaurant’s profitability. Online Reputation Management is not just about review response, it is the systematic approach to building and managing your Online Brand identity.

1. Online Reviews

Manage your client’s reviews on the most popular review sites, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business. 

  • Get a breakdown of reviews: See the overall sentiment of customers with the average review score displayed on the dashboard.
  • Track customer reviews: Our dashboard pulls customer reviews from platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp so you can keep track of what customers are saying about your business.
  • Respond to reviews: Respond to customer reviews on different platforms
  • Double check your Responses: The team lead can easily monitor, edit and approve each review response before it is published.
  • Automated Email notifications to clients for negative reviews: the system sends out an automated email to clients informing them of negative reviews thereby prompting them to take action.

Why Is Reputation Management Important For Restaurants?

The era of the internet added a whole new dimension to the marketing of restaurants. According to a recent survey, the millennial customers prefer to check out all available information before trying out a new place. In fact, 80% of the customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. More than 1/3 of diners report that peer reviews impact their choice of restaurant and 53% of millennials (18 – 34yrs) report that online reviews factor into their dining decisions*. Online reviews play a major role in attracting customers to the restaurant. A negative review no longer remains constrained to the immediate friend circle of an unhappy customer, rather it can reach millions of your potential customers.

How Can You Manage Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation?

Apart from your website, social media provides multiple platforms to build and promote your brand. Devote some time to developing your profile on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
a. Post enticing pictures of your food and restaurant.
b. Provide all information that you think your customer could use like location, NAP information, your business hours, your website, online ordering link, and your menu.
c. Listing your restaurant on online food guides and review sites like Yelp,  OpenTable or Tripadvisor is an option that you would not want to miss out on. Apart from giving you access to a much wider audience, these platforms can also help you to leverage positive reviews.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews For Your Restaurant?

A negative review can do substantial harm to your business. You should be very careful while handling negative reviews. At no point should your customers feel that you do not value their opinion. Be polite and assure your customer that their grievances will be addressed. We, at mKonnekt, have experienced several instances where we turned around a beleaguered customer into a loyal advocate just by replying to their reviews. My personal favorite is the time when a customer- after reading our response- went back ad updated his initial review and even gave our client extra star for the quick response to his review.

Should I Respond To Positive Reviews For Your Restaurant?

Positive reviews about your restaurant improve your rank on search engines and convince customers to try out your business. While most of us realize the importance of responding to negative reviews, there are still some who feel that reaching out to customers who left a positive review is a waste of time. However, an intelligent marketer knows that replying to positive reviews gives you a chance to cross-sell or upsell products and also to win over loyal customers. Learn All About Online Reputation Management For Your Restaurant

2. Monitor Your Email Campaigns

As a marketer, tracking all your email analytics can often be a challenge. However, tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns enables you to focus on the strategies and tactics that drive results and not spending too much time on those that don’t.

If you are using third party Email Service providers such as MailChimp to send out email campaigns to clients, you can use this dashboard to monitor your campaigns. 


  • Number of Campaigns sent
  • Open Rate 
  • Click rate 
  • Conversions

How Can You Use Email Marketing To Promote My Your Restaurant?

Email marketing has evolved and remains an incredibly important marketing tool, and having clearly email marketing strategies for your restaurant can help you get better returns from your campaigns.
a. Promote Offers/Specials
b. Share Behind The Scene Stories
c. Promote Restaurant Services
d. Promote Your Loyalty Program
e. Send Out Personalized Emails

How to Build an Email List for your Restaurant?

a. Collect Emails In-store Via Feedback forms
b. Add an Email Opt-in On Your Website
c. Employ Your W-Fi As A Tool
d. Enlist Partners To Co- promote
e. Host A Social Media Contest
f. Use Data From Your POS

3. Integrated Feedback Mechanism

Our integrated feedback mechanism KritiQ helps you to collect customer feedback that can provide you with actionable insights to help you optimize your marketing and operational strategy.

This solution sends out an email each time a customer places an order on your online ordering platform seeking customer feedback. Soliciting feedback from customers helps you understand customer experience with your brand so  you can optimize your online ordering and delivery services. You can not only  monitor the number of KritiQ emails sent out, but also receive customer feedback and respond to reviews on the same interface.

4. Birthday Bot

The Birthday Bot is a turnkey solution to generate strong ROI from your marketing by offering a special birthday promotion. We work with you to develop a great birthday offer and promote it to your local audience via your social media handles. 

The system stores data of all customers who sign up for your birthday program and sends them an email and sms with the birthday offer on their birthdays encouraging them to celebrate the occasion at your restaurant. The entire process is automated and all you need to do is sit back and monitor its performance.

An additional feature included in our birthday bot is an FB Chatbot which enables you to send out bulk messages to any customers who have interacted with you in the past 24 hours.

How To Use Birthday Emails For Your Restaurant?

You can use Birthday Email Campaign to
a. Building better customer relations
b. Generate Revenue 
c. Engage Inactive Users



Analyzing offer performance is the first step that leads to optimization and eventually improvement. For restauranteurs, performance metrics provide deep insights into how your offers are performing. They tell you how many people are availing your offers and help you with offer optimization. Tracking offer performance also helps us understand whether our offer promotion strategy to boost sales is generating the desired results.

  • View offers: View all the active and expired offers on this dashboard.
  • Measure performance: The interface allows you to see which offers were redeemed and how they performed over time.
  • Create offers: You can create new offers from the same interface

2. Influencer visits: 

A study by “Ironroots” shows that with the right influencer, restaurants could generate an estimate of $17.50 with every $1 that is being spent on influencers. Food influencers can help you promote your brand and reach a wider audience. 

If you are employing Influencers to market your restaurant, our solution can make it much easier to reach track and optimize your campaigns.

  • Maintain A Database of Your Influencers
  • Reach out To Influencers to work on upcoming campaigns
  • Track Performance of Your Campaigns

3. Track your ads

As marketers, we are all aware of the ever declining organic reach on social media. One of the easiest and most successful ways to increase engagement and conversion on your social media handles is by running ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The dashboard allows you to monitor your ad performance on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Run Successful Facebook Ads For Your Restaurant On A Small Budget

a. Boost Posts
b. Have A Clearly Defined Goal
c. Set up a single ad campaign with 1 ad set and 1-3 ads at the max
d. Refrain From A/B Testing too Many Elements
e. Have a Well-Defined Audience
f. For smaller budgets, stick to shorter  3-4 day  (maximum 7 days) ad campaigns g. to get higher engagement rates.


Local Restaurant Marketing is not just about passing out flyers. In fact, there’s no better way to build goodwill with your customer base than by contributing to causes that are close to your customers and reflect your business’s values. Collaborating with local businesses can bring a variety of benefits to your restaurant including brand recognition and higher revenues.

With our solution, you are in complete control of your local marketing initiatives from planning to implementation.

  • Maintain a database of partners: the platform allows you to mantain a category wise database of potential and existing partners.
  • Reach out to partners: The platform allows you to send out text and email messages to potential partners to approach them for upcoming events.
  • Partner Interactions: You no longer need to sift through your inbox to the last correspondence with a potential partner. All interactions with potential and existing partners can be stored on the system and are available for future campaign
  • Measure performance: Track and measure the performance of your local marketing activities.

What Is Included With Our Restaurant Marketing Platform?

  • Dedicated marketing support 
  • Restaurant Marketing Consultation
  • Restaurant Marketing Budget Template
  •  12 month marketing strategy

What is a restaurant marketing platform?

Restaurant Marketing Platform helps you to build, track and optimize campaigns across different channels. The mKonnekt restaurant marketing platform, built around A2A Framework™, provides unique insights into your customer’s journey enabling you to plan, execute, and optimize your digital and local marketing strategies from a single interface by providing the right and timely customer data and insights

Why do you need a Marketing Platform to manage marketing for Restaurants?

An integrated restaurant marketing platform enables you to follow your customers through each stage of the customer journey on multiple channels and send out relevant and personalized marketing messages to increase conversions and generate incremental revenues.