Top 5 Marketing and Management Apps for Restaurants

The restaurant business is highly competitive.  With the proliferation of technology, consumers expect information in real-time. 67% of US consumers search for restaurant information using their mobile devices, according to a Marquette Group report. Restaurants have to vie for internet user attention, requiring them to be present and active on platforms that audiences spend the most time on – like social media. Running a restaurant is a full-time job, leaving little to no time for marketing. You could use marketing and management apps to easily manage marketing and management apps that can save you time on menial tasks and find more time for marketing.

Here is a list of five marketing and management apps that you may find useful.


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According to studies, 60% of consumers are more likely to connect with a business, if one of their restaurant’s image shows up on the local search, As a restaurant, including an image in all your marketing and communication efforts, becomes imperative, and Skitch is the perfect Photoshop alternative graphic design tool that can do wonders for your visual marketing efforts. The app lets you markup photos of plating, edit images, and add text where required. It also behaves as a hub where you can visually brand your restaurant and from where you can share images to your social media pages with ease. Here is a useful post on how you can use Skitch to create beautiful menus.


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80% people scout for restaurants online before visiting them and many people spend at least 2 hours on social media each day (Source: Statista). Several restaurants invest substantially in reaching people through social media. DrumUp, a social media marketing tool can help you manage your social media pages effortlessly.

This app lets you connect multiple social accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and post across them in one go.  You can schedule content for your social pages weeks or months in advance. The app also helps you find great articles (related to keywords you set) to share on your pages, eliminating the need for you to always create content and saving you time.

Here is a useful post on how to curate content for your social media pages to increase engagement and manage them easily.


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When you begin to manage your social media pages well, you will see engagement from your customers. TINT, a content aggregator app, lets you display great social media comments and reviews on your website or any other accessible part of the internet. Using TINT, you can show your website visitors what people are saying about your brand. You can also pull promotional campaign content and important communication posted by you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and display it on your website. It also lets you manage hashtag campaigns. Here is a great post on how useful ways to make use of user-generated content.


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Waiting in lines can be frustrating and you could lose important customers by making them wait. Nowait is a customer service app that gives your hungry customers an exact idea of when they might be seated in your restaurant.

With an efficiently managed seating process, you can also breathe a sigh of relief and spend that time on creating powerful marketing content instead. Using Nowait, your customers can get in a virtual line, so they don’t have to actually wait at all. When their table is ready, users will be alerted through the app. Additionally, the app helps you collect customer reviews, ratings and feedback, helping you assess their experience at your restaurant. Here is a useful post on how you can manage customer service efficiently.


Managing a staff around the clock can be hard and leaves you little time for anything else. You have to deal with emergencies when staff members take off without notice and have to ensure that everyone is in the loop about the latest schedule.

RotaCloud is a schedule management app that lets you easily create and manage schedules from an app. The app lets you, tag staff, create schedules, and manage them from multiple devices. It also notifies all affected team members about changes made to current plans and lets you communicate your intent without having to make a dozen calls. When you know exactly who is doing what, you can also avoid overstaffing and spending unnecessarily. Here is a great post on how to manage staff rotas easily.