Marketing Tools For Smart Marketers

Marketing tools for smart marketers- to say the least, marketing is not that easy! With years and years of working in the digital world, we have known this for a..

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Labor Shortage In The Restaurant Industry

The struggle of labor shortage in the restaurant industry is real right now. Restaurant owners have been posting job requirements after job requirements, hiring signboards after hiring signboards, with no..

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Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021

Social Media Marketing Manager! No matter how glamorous and delightful it may sound, but, if you have handled social media accounts for even a handful of clients, you probably know..

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Local Marketing for Restaurants

What is Local Marketing For Restaurants? Restaurants are hyper-local in nature; a large section of our customer base is local. It, therefore, makes sense for restaurants to connect with the..

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

With 2020 proving to be a particularly trying year for everyone, there were numerous developments in the digital industry, with everyone confined at home with their phones in hand. In..

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