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How Charcoal City won back customers from Third-Party delivery Services?

FoodKonnekt Online Ordering Solution helped them reach a large number of customers who wanted to order directly.

# No commissions as FoodKonnekt online ordering solution is COMPLETELY  FREE for restaurants.

# With POS Integration,  online pricing and meal options are updated          automatically.  

# Complete control over the entire ordering and delivery experience. 

How FoodKonnekt Online Ordering helped Bello Italiano streamline online orders with POS integration?

With seamless POS integration, all online orders are reflected on your pos automatically eliminating the need for manual intervention.

# Superior customer experience and improved order accuracy and no more missed orders.

# Customers can place pickup/delivery orders from any device.

# Customers can save orders and menu preferences for later use

How online Ordering Helped La Taberna Generate Incremental Sales?

With the increase  in the numbers of online orders and higher average order value, La Taberna saw a 37% increase in revenues over the first few months.

# Taking fewer orders over the phone meant the staff could now focus on in-store diners.

# They could now reach  more millennial customers who preferred ordering online.

# Use customer data to bring back customers on a regular basis.

Impact Of User Generated Content On Social Media Growth and Engagement

A UGC campaign contributes not only contributes in increasing awareness and engagement but gives an opportunity to get leads for future campaigns & promotions.

# Data and insights to plan upcoming promotion, offer and communication.
# Positive brand equity with participants and their network

How mKonnekt's A2A approach helped set up a new location for success?

In line with our A2A marketing approach, we created and implemented customized marketing strategies to help this newly launched restaurant build brand awareness

# Omni channel approach to increase reach and visibility
# effectively engage their customers to foster long term loyalty.

Helping Restaurants Through COVID-19 with mKonnekt's A2A Framework

It important to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis and be forthcoming with information during a crisis.

# Make it easier for customers to find you by identifying popular channels.

# Establish strong brand content to ensure getting maximum visibility.

How Digital Optimization helped revive Indian Kitchen and increase orders?

Leveraging data to create targeted marketing campaigns with well defined KPIs to increase average order value and customer retention.

# Mobile first website optimized for local search
# Online ordering integrated with POS
# Agile, real-time brand monitoring and Reputation Management

How the A2A restaurant marketing funnel helped Fusion Cafe
acquire more customers?

Identifying your target audience with  creating a customized marketing strategy to effectively engage your customers is the key to success.

# Targeting  the right people with customized marketing communication
# Data-driven approach to marketing
# A robust mix of offline and online strategies to build brand awareness and engagement

How FreeKwent Loyalty Program Helped Tiba Grill Build A Loyal Customer Base?

FreeKwent allows Tiba Grill  to engage with its customers on a regular basis with a completely digitized loyalty program.

# Offer loyalty benefits to your online customers.

# Powerful analytics and smart insights to help you deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

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