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Everything you need to know about Instagram Stories for your Business

With 300 million active users, Instagram stories have fast evolved into an effective marketing channel for businesses. Almost 50% of the brands on the platform are adding stories to their handles on a regular basis and interestingly 33% of the most popular stories on Instagram are from brands. Clearly, Instagram stories are here to stay. […]
Oct 15

5 Ways to Leverage Instagram Marketing for your Restaurant

With its growing popularity and the gamut of features available to business profiles, Instagram has become an indispensable marketing channel for small businesses. Instagram offers an opportunity for restaurant owners to connect with their customers on a personal level, build their brand and drive customers to their store. While content is undoubtedly the king, these […]
Oct 01

4 Building Blocks For Reputation Management

The restaurant industry is a very competitive industry where customer reviews and quick judgments have become a part of the trade. With the advent of social media and the explosion of mobile devices, and ghost reviews etc. the whole issue has been complicated. But customers’ increasing say is the reason why restaurants need to jump […]
Aug 20

6 Popular Instagram Trends in 2018

The millennial customer spends close to an hour on Instagram each day and most of this time is spent browsing through food pictures. According to a recent survey, around 30% of the customers would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram game was weak. In the 6 years since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has rapidly […]
Jul 09

Facebook Primer – Effective Ways To Use Facebook Pages

There are 1.8B monthly active users on Facebook (Source: FB latest financial disclosed on 11/02/16) Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic. 41% of US small businesses are on Facebook Organic reach of Facebook posts ~ 2% With these kinds of stats it is imperative that small businesses […]
Jul 04

13 Ways to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

Twitter has effectively been our micro-blogging friend for a decade, which has even changed the face of marketing. It’s a great marketing tool & One can easily convert a 140-letter copy into an effective and succinct sales pitch. Here’s how… Profile Set Up: Your profile picture and your bio are the most relevant info that will […]
Jul 04

6 ways to use instagram for restaurant marketing

While we are writing this article there are over a 100 million #food posts on Instagram, over 3 million self confessed people claiming to be #foodie, over 8 million #foodporn posts and over a million unashamed declarations of #foodgasms. These are just the four of the endless manners Instagramers express their love of food on […]
Jul 04

Father’s Day Promotions – 3 Strategies To Implement At Your Restaurant

In 1972, after 58 years Congress declared “National Mother’s Day”, President Richard Nixon declared third Sunday as “Father’s Day”. Over years Father’s Day has become an important day from marketing perspective as we have spent billions of dollars every year on this day to honor dads. According to National Retail Federation (NRF) this year in 2016 […]
Jul 04

A case study of FoodKonnekt Twitter Handle: Accomplishments, Analytics & Aspirations

  Twitter – A strategic tool for Foodkonnekt We have reached an important milestone of 3000 tweets from our Twitter handle and that to us an important milestone. As a matter of fact we wanted our 3000 tweet is about this article but we had to settle for a 3000+ tweet. We started our journey […]
Jul 04

Effective Social Media Marketing plan: Strategy & Tools

  So, you have to work on a Social Media Marketing plan for a new client and you are confused! We all agree it’s not an easy task! Every client is different – their product is different, their marketing goals are different, their target audience is different. Then, there are new tools and templates on […]