Online ordering system integrated with your POS.

Say goodbye to faxes and paper work for tracking orders! FoodKonnekt gives you an online ordering system which seamlessly integrates with your POS. So online orders appear in your system automatically along with all other orders.

Multi Location Support

Bring all your geographically distributed stores online.

Marketing Engine

Maximize marketing ROI with strategic insights to target the right customer.

Mobile Marketing

Increase revenues by allowing customers to order from any device anytime.

Order Customization

Let customers customize their order.


Get all online orders automatically in your POS- With FoodKonnekt, all online order will automatically get updated in your order management system included in your POS.

Just download and setup FoodKonnekt app from your POS’ app-market and follow simple instructions to get the FoodKonnekt online order button on your website.

That’s it! Within minutes your online orders are integrated with your overall order management system. Alternatively, our professional services department can also do the entire set up for you.


Exceptional customer service with personalized response within 1 business day. With FoodKonnekt you’ll never have to speak to an automated voice system again!
Our real customer care specialists will get back to you within 1 business day and resolve any issue you may face with the online ordering system and POS integration. Additionally, we guarantee 99.99% uptime! It doesn’t get better than this..


Give your online customers a wonderful online ordering experience. FoodKonnekt allows you to make your customers’ experience personalized, customized, responsive and reliable..


Invest your revenues in growth, not costs. Unbelievable but FoodKonnekt gives you all these features at a highly competitive price! As a business ourselves, we understand that you need to invest your revenues in growth and not on costs..

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