A complete loyalty program to help you grow your business and drive more footfalls.

Turn guests into loyal patrons and see your business grow with the loyalty program that is easy to use, perfectly priced and customizable.


Turn new customers into regulars and keep bringing them back to the restaurant with loyalty perks.


with intuitive data and insights get to know your customers better and continue delighting them.


Get insights into what works for your loyal customers and create incentives to increase average order value.


Armed with insights from FreeKwent create personalized experiences for your customers and with a great referral program too in place, turn your loyal customers into brand advocates.

Hassle free and easy to use

Simplified loyalty program - With FreeKwent give your customers a card-less easy to use loyalty program. All they need to do is sign-up at the store and start availing the loyalty benefits. It is easy to use for both your customer and your staff. The offer and rewards redemption has been simplified, thus encouraging customers to keep using it and stay on the program.

Superior customer support

Exceptional customer service with personalized response within 1 business day. Right from on-boarding to getting sign-ups for the loyalty program we will be there with you every step of the way. We not only offer training and technical support but help you promote the loyalty program too. With our restaurant marketing experience we ensure that your customers become regulars. We also let you customize so that you get to offer the best to your customers.

A complete loyalty program & customer relationship management solution

FreeKwent comes with mKonnekt's Kritq, Birthday and our referral module integrated. Making it a complete customer management solution. You will be able to develop and nurture productive customer relationships, thus creating a loyal customer base that visits often and keeps the sales going. The referral program turns the loyalty members into brand advocates.

Comprehensive insights and reporting

FreeKwent insights will enable you to make smarter marketing and business decisions. Get to know who are your most loyal customers, the biggest spenders, who's not visited you in a while, what offers work the best and more. Equipped with these insights you will never spend on indiscriminate offers or promotions again.

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