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Metaverse And The Restaurant Industry

Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry– The metaverse often referred to as the meta or web 3.0, is one of the hottest talking topics in our modern-day society. Questions upon questions about the meaning, value, and impact are asked by many. The interest in the metaverse is unmatched, and in this article, we’ll touch on why and the relation between Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry.

So, where did it all begin? Neal Stephenson’s dystopian cyberpunk novel Snow Crash is credited with coining the term “metaverse.” The novel was published in 1992 and is considered a canon of the genre, along with William Gibson’s Neuromancer, which describes the matrix, a virtual reality dataspace.

It’s a hybrid technology that blends virtual reality, augmented reality, and video to let people “live” in a digital world. The metaverse is made up of two technologies: virtual reality, which is characterized by persistent virtual worlds that continue to exist, and augmented reality, which combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds. It does not, however, imply that those locations may only be visited via VR or AR.

In a nutshell, it is thriving within the internet, where one has the ability to party, buy, sell, attend events, and socialize.

What is the difference between Facebook and Metaverse?

Facebook and Metaverse

Facebook is a social networking website where users can post comments, share photos, and share links to news or other interesting web content, as well as chat and watch short-form videos.

Shared content can be made public, or it can be restricted to a small group of friends or family, and sometimes it is even directed towards a single person.

Meta, on the other hand, is an online world in which people can interact with one another, collaborate, and communicate virtually without having to be in the same physical space. For example, you could be in New York while your family is in Texas, but you could all watch a movie together in the same room. Envision Zoom or Google Meet, but on a much more technologically advanced scale. Your family members would be more than just a face on a screen; they’d be seen across from you on the dinner table.

Facebook is simple to use and accessible to anybody. Even those with the least technical knowledge can sign up and start posting on Facebook. Although it began as a way to stay in touch with long-lost acquaintances, it quickly became the darling of businesses that we’re able to target an audience and deliver adverts straight to those most likely to be interested in their products or services.

The VR, or virtual reality, headset appears to be the device of choice for the metaverse at the outset, at least according to Facebook.

“You’ll be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create, and more. It’s not necessarily about spending more time online — it’s about making the time you do spend online more meaningful,” In a September blog post, the company made the familiar pitch about time spent on its platforms.

What does it mean for the restaurant industry?

Metaverse and the restaurant industry

Talking about the Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry, this concept is not totally new for the restaurant industry, Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry have been together for a long time now. Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain, has been operating as one of the most exclusive, luxury VR food experiences for the past seven years. The multisensory space provides guests with a futuristic, interactive audio/visual event. While the price tag, unfortunately, puts Sublimotion out of reach for the average consumer, as technology advances, less expensive options have become more readily available to foodies who want to see food as an experience rather than just a source of nourishment.

Mark Zuckerberg gave a “feast for your eyes” presentation to show how restaurants may incorporate this strategy easily.

It allows guests to swipe through a virtual reality menu, which allows them to explore options such as finding ingredients and witnessing the menu items being prepared and cooked. Restaurants might even allow guests to order directly from the virtual menu while dining in or ordering for delivery, according to Zuckerberg.

AR/VR and Avatars may replace physical staff or even manage a front office, with abilities ranging from bookings and service provision to property sales. If this is made possible, the industry’s labor challenges could hasten the adoption of the metaverse faster than expected.

Restaurants can also create a Metaverse universe that allows guests to virtually experience the restaurant with their friends and family. This will allow people to have the experience of dining in a real restaurant while remaining in the privacy of their own homes.

“Often restaurants experience a tug of war between experience and convenience. The metaverse is the ultimate marriage of these two elements. Customers can look at and order food without leaving the house, whilst still having the experience of going out for a meal with others,” says Joseph Schumaker, who is president and CEO of foodservice consulting start-up FoodSpace.

What is unknown is how the normal mom-and-pop restaurant will deal with these massive technical advances and their financial consequences.

The most concerning aspect is that the Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry prefers chain restaurants with large creative and technical budgets. Some independent operators might be excluded from the benefits the metaverse provides.

How can one prepare for it?

Prepare for the Metaverse

When it comes to evolving technology and applications, the possibilities are endless, and restaurants have complete control over what they choose to do as the meta world expands.

Food will be integrated into virtual experiences by brands. Restaurants will be able to recreate their physical space in the metaverse and invite guests from all over the world instead of using traditional email marketing. The metaverse will provide new opportunities to test promotions and loyalty programs.

As more people begin to participate in the metaverse experience, apps will no longer be the primary ordering channel. Companies such as Doordash, UberEats, and GrubHub will need to reconsider their strategies as ordering and discovery become more integrated into more interoperable experiences. Someone would have to deliver the food after all!

While we expect restaurants to always accept cold hard cash, we believe that over the next five years, a few large cryptocurrencies will emerge at the top of the metaverse. A restaurant’s branding and marketing activities will be influenced by the money it accepts.



In the real world, most of us enjoy sitting down with friends at a relaxed restaurant and having a great conversation. That desire will not be impacted by the metaverse as restaurants will continue to offer those one-of-a-kind experiences. However, through the metaverse, restaurants will be able to reach more customers who may not be able to attend in person and still provide them with a memorable time.

All restaurants should begin to prepare for the metaverse as the future is near!

If you have something to add about the Metaverse and the Restaurant Industry, please add yourself to our Facebook community, the link’s above, let’s start connecting!

How To Increase Restaurant Sales With Online Ordering?

Competition in the restaurant industry can be cut-throat and with the rapidly changing trends, it can be difficult to acquire new customers or retain existing. As more customers seek out the ease of take-out–and especially delivery, third-party for delivery services provide an easy way to increase restaurant sales with online ordering.

Although these delivery services offer an opportunity to reach new customers  and increase sales, the benefits  come at a cost: giving up access to valuable customer data and loosing loyal customer base to the delivery partners. 

It, therefore, becomes pertinent for restaurants to explore strategies to engage with their customers to keep the regulars coming back, attract new customers, and, build their native platforms to increase online orders on their website. In this article we will discuss some strategies to increase restaurant sales with online ordering.

How to increase restaurant sales with online ordering?

  1. Opt for A Robust online Ordering Solution
  2. Streamline your online ordering menu
  3. Optimize your online ordering platform
  4. Make it easy to order from your website
  5. Leverage Digital channels to Promote Online Ordering
  6. Optimize Your Website For Local Search
  7. Promote your Online Ordering Platform
increase restaurant sales with online ordering

1. Opt For A Robust Online Ordering Solution

Many restaurant owners/managers opt for third party delivery services to provide the convenience of online ordering to their customers. the general belief is that it is easier to get started on such platforms and they can easily start getting more orders without any investment in terms of time and resources. However, what they fail to factor in is that the additional revenues generated by orders received via these platforms is usually diluted by the hefty commissions charged by them. At this point, it is advisable to consider the long-term benefits of building your own online ordering platform. Initially, you may have to put in some efforts to promote your online ordering platform but these are resources invested in building your brand that have the potential to deliver huge dividends in the future.

There are several robust online ordering solutions in the market, which are commission-free and are available to restaurants totally free of cost. There are a few things you should keep in mind while selecting an online ordering solution:

What are the key features of an online ordering solution?

  • Simple configuration: Most modern solutions are easy to setup and configure and allow to start taking online orders within 24 hours.
  • POS integrations: An integrated online ordering solution does away with the need for manually updating orders. Your online orders appear on your POS along with other orders and all menu updates on the POS are automatically reflected on your online ordering platform.
  • Customer data: if your online ordering solution is integrtaed with your pos, the customer data from online orders appears with all other data on your POS.
  • Customizable: You should be able to customize the platform, upload pictures and add descriptions to align with your brand identity.
  • Customers should be able save their preferences and customize their orders easily
  • Accept Multiple Payment Options
  • Inegrated feedback and loyalty program help you to build a loyal customer base

2. Streamline your online ordering menu

increase restaurant sales with online ordering
Chipotle Online Ordering

A lot of thought should go into creating your online ordering menu. Some items that may be very popular in-store might not lot lend them selves to pick-up or delivery. Evaluate each menu item on the following three criteria to come up with the idea menu.

  • Whether they do or do not travel well
  • Whether the margin on the food item is enough to cover packaging/delivery costs.
  • Packaging considerations

Your online order menu should include only those items that travel well and at the same time have a high popularity and profitability score.

3. Optimize Your Online Ordering Platform

The online ordering platform is an extension of your brand and you should take utmost care to build the same customer experience on your online ordering page that customers have come to expect from your brand.

  • Customize every aspect of the solution to align with your brand identity.
  • Upload good quality food images and detailed descriptions of food items.
  • Arrange menu items like they would appear on your in-store menu.
  • Create up-sell or cross-sell opportunities by creating pop-ups for popular items or items that are usually ordered together.
  • Streamline and smoothen the customer journey on your online ordering platform by setting up automations such as helpful tips and suggestions or allowing customers to save orders or delivery address etc.

4. Make It Easy To Order Right From Your Website

In most case, customers land on your online ordering platform from your website. The order online button should appear prominently on the top of your home page and menu page to grab the customers attention. Highlight your specials and consider adding add to cart buttons to menu items.

5. Leverage Digital Channels to Promote Online Ordering

You should build a strong online identity by adding the order online button to all your social media handles including Facebook, Instagram and GMB page. Platforms like Yelp and Tripadvisor also allow you to build your restaurant page and add an order online button to lead customers to your order online platform

6. Optimize Your Restaurant Website for Local Search

Each day thousands of customers are searching on Google for restaurant like yours using keywords or terms related to your business/menu. You should optimize your website for these key search terms. Research keywords for your restaurant and include them in your page’s body, header, title tags, and Meta description and your sit’s SEO.

Build your website’s credibility and trust with the search engines by adding your restaurant to relevant local listings including Google maps, Apple maps, Yellow book, Map quest and Nextdoor.

increase restaurant sales with online ordering

7. Promote Your Online Ordering Platform

You would want your customers to know that you are accepting online orders. Promoting your online ordering platform through organic and paid channels can help your reach more.

In-Store Promotions
  1. Promote your online ordering link via window displays and posters in prominent places such as the check out counter.
  2. Grab the attention of your customers when they are waiting for their food to arrive with table tents.
  3. Menu inserts are also a great way to reach your customers.
  4. Ensure that your online ordering link is prominently printed on your takeout packages and receipts.
  5. Train your staff to promote your online ordering platform to your customers.
Online Promotions

Social Media platforms can be a great tool to reach your customers. Besides regular posts promoting your online ordering link, you should also consider advertising to reach your target audience on these networks.

  • You could create a special offer or discount to promote online ordering among your customers.
  • Run contests to promote online Orders.
  • Run Ads to promote online ordering

8. Leverage Data To Promote Build Loyalty

Use data from your online ordering solution to create targeted promotions to bring back customers. Segment customers based on their purchase history, preferences and visit frequency and come up with customized offers to bring back customers. For instance;

  1. Offers to bring back dormant customers
  2. offer on kids meal to bring back customers with kids
  3. Deals to increase average order value of regulars
  4. Flash offers to increase online orders on slow days
  5. Offer available only on online orders to incentivize customers to place pickup orders during rush hours.

Streamlining the customer experience on your online ordering platform and targeted promotions can help you build your brand and increase restaurant sales with online ordering.

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues with FoodKonnekt Online Ordering

10 Advantages of An Online Ordering Solution For Restaurants

Taking orders over the phone has worked well for restaurants for past several decades. Although taking orders over the phone in the middle of a bustling restaurant wasn’t always easy! And, then dealing with customer complaints about busy phone lines and inaccurate orders interfered with the in-store experience. Inspite of understanding the advantages of an online ordering solution for restaurants, restaurant owners had little choice as getting onboard an online ordering paltform was not easy or cheap.

Over the last decade, the restaurant industry witnessed a paradigm shift in customer habits and demands. Customers have come to expect the ability to view menus, and place their order online. The good news is that the rapid advances in technology have now made online ordering available to even small mom-and pop stores at nominal or zero costs. Besides providing a superior customer experience, getting onboard an online ordering platform helps you hold your own in the competitive restaurant industry.

If you are still contemplating whether or not to opt for online ordering, here’a a list of 10 distinct advantages of an online ordering solution for restaurants.

Advantages of An Online Ordering Solution For Restaurants

  1. Wider Reach
  2. Higher Average Order Value
  3. online Orders Drive Revenue
  4. Superior Customer Experience
  5. Reduces Wastages
  6. Efficient Order Management
  7. Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  8. Own Your Customer Data
  9. Build Brand Loyalty
  10. Safety
advantages of an online ordering solution for restaurants

1. Wider Reach:

As people look for a faster and convenient method of food ordering; getting onboard an online ordering solution, makes you available at their fingertips. It helps you reach customers who otherwise may not have heard of your restaurant. With integrated online ordering solution in place, the number of customers you can serve at any given time is no longer by the seating available at your restaurant. You can even manage the increased demand on weekends or during rush hours by encouraging more guests to order online.

2. Higher Order Value

The average order value of online orders is 30% higher than in-store orders. Now, you may be wondering if that is just another meaningless statistic, but then think of all the times you have actually ordered a pizza after looking at a delectable picture of a pizza. Customers on your online ordering platform are savoring all the drool-worthy images that you have put up there and that is making them hungry.

When customers are ordering from your online ordering platform, they have plenty of time to check out your menu, read descriptions, consider items they have never ordered before, or go through your specials and combo deals. This makes them more likely to try new items and order more.

Further, there is also a general tendency to order more when placing an order for pick-up or delivery as the customer is well-aware that he cannot order seconds and it is better to have left-overs than fall short. 

3. Online Ordering Drives Revenue

Your online ordering platform provides you with an excellent opportunity to drive up-sell and cross-sells to boost order sizes. You can assist the customer through their online ordering by offering helpful tips such as “frequently ordered together” or recommend side dishes, appetizers, wine pairing, and desserts. These recommendations popped up at the right moments during the ordering process not only assist the customers but also help you sell more!

Putting your restaurant in front of more people allows you to reach a much wider market and enable customers to oder from you on-the-go via your website or social media. The additional revenue stream and higher than average order value can help you generate incremental revenues.

Restaurant owners often decide to get onboard a third-party delivery service to keep up with the changing demand. However, most of these services charge a hefty commission that eats up into their revenues. With your own online ordering integrated with your PoS, you get to keep all the profits.

4. Superior Customer Experience.

Traditionally, every restaurant allows its patrons to place orders over the phone for pick-up and delivery. Now, if that is the only way to place to-go orders, imagine the wait on your phone lines. It is often difficult to jot down an order correctly or miss out on finer details of the order, especially, during the rush hours when the restaurant is teeming with guests.

An online ordering solution can free up your phone lines and improve order accuracy. You will no longer lose orders during rush hours/ weekends due to busy phone lines. Customers can easily place an order, add special instructions or details and even pay for the order on-the go. Most online ordering platforms offer a final confirmation page where users can verify their order before paying for it. Another sore point for customers placing orders over the phone is the uncertain wait time for to-go orders. An online ordering solution effectively resolves this problem by providing an accurate estimates of pick-up and delivery times.

With the system taking care of online orders, your staff is better available to focus on the in-store customers and deliver stellar experiences.

advantages of an online ordering solution for restaurants

5. Reduce Wastages

Now, this one is something we have all experienced; oftentimes at the time of pick-up the customer complains that the order is incorrect and we have had to reimburse or re-prepare the order to avoid unpleasantness. These costs could add up over time. But, when taking orders over the phone, such occurrences are more or less inevitable in the long run. 

With an online ordering solution, incorrect orders or missing details are no longer your problem, the onus is now on the customer. And, even better, you no longer have to deal with losses resulting from customers failing to show up to pick up their orders. As the customer has already paid for the order, he is more likely to collect it and even if they don’t, you are covered.

6. Efficient Order Management

With an online ordering solution, a dedicated staff member is no longer required to manage phone calls. With pos integrations, you no longer have to transcribe orders manually as your online orders appear along with other orders on your POS.

Whenever customers place an order, the online ordering system sends notifications via email or SMS to the restaurant’s kitchen printer. If you are using a KDS the orders simply appears in the kitchen display system with no manual intervention.

7. Stay Ahead Of The Competition

If you have been in the restaurant space for any amount of time, you are already aware of the importance of keeping  up with the trends and catering to any change in customer demand. Customers are looking for easier and faster ways to place their orders and if you are not providing the service, they are likely to look elsewhere.

8. Own Your Customer Data

All customer data from your online ordering solution is available to you. This data can help you analyze and understand customer preferences, or discover your best performing menu items, special offers or combos. You can also use this data to create customized promotions to target your customers and keep them coming back.

9. Build Customer Loyalty

With an online ordering solution, you are in complete control of the online ordering, pick-up or delivery experience. As a restaurant owner/manager you can ensure that your customers get the same consistent experience that they come to expect from your brand. The automated feedback mechanism, which is inbuilt in most modern online ordering solutions helps you collect feedback from customers to continuously improve on your services.

Engaging with your customers on a regular basis with targeted promotions and messaging helps you build loyalty towards your brand. You can also use the online data to invite customers to join your loyalty program and build a loyal customer base that visits more often and buys more.

10. Safety

As we navigate this pandemic, many customers are still vary of venturing out to eat. Having an online ordering solution provides both your customers and staff an efficient way to maintain safety and hygiene requirements during this time.


Now, that we have discussed the advantages of an online ordering solution for restaurants, the next question that obviously comes to mind is that wouldn’t it be easier to hop onto third-party delivery instead of building your own native platform. The short answer is no. Now, you can build your own online ordering platform with little or no assistance at zero costs and you get to keep all the profits and use the customer data to build a loyal customer base.

Increase Your Restaurant Revenues with FoodKonnekt Online Ordering

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