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Feedback Mechanism

Engage with your customers & collect real-time feedback to improve on customer experience.

KritiQ- mkonnekt's Integrated feedback Mechanism

Collect Customer Feedback

To Provide A Better Experience.

In a highly competitive, restaurant industry customer reviews can heavily impact a restaurant’s profitability.

KritiQ enables real-time reporting and provides you with actionable insights to help you optimize your marketing and operational strategy.

Importance of customer reviews for restaurants - Infographic
KritiQ- mkonnekt's Integrated feedback Mechanism

Integrated Feedback Mechanism

Allows you to set up an automated cycle for the collection of customer feedback through- emails, SMS and FB messenger bots.

Real-Time Alerts

Our real-time alerts enable your team to intervene on your behalf before an issue escalates.

Easy Integrations

Easy integration with mobile devices and PoS solution enables you to collect actionable customer feedback from different platforms.

Intuitive Dashboard

Kritiq’s dashboard enables managers to view how their location is performing across multiple platforms. Keep track of historical trends and identify hotspots.

Integrated Solution

KritiQ is fully integrated into our online ordering solution, loyalty program, and birthday module so that you can have all your data in one place and use them to guide your marketing decisions.

Personalized Marketing

Leverage customer data and insights into customer behavior and motivations to personalize your marketing communication.

KritiQ Interface- mkonnekt's Integrated feedback Mechanism

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