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mKonnekt Growth Program


Your Competitive Advantage

& Increase Your Profitability

The mKonnekt Partner Program enables you to expand your business while empowering restaurants you work with to scale intelligently.

Partner Growth- FoodKonnekt Partner Program

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Why Join FoodKonnekt partner Program

Bring More Value To Your Clients

Add value to your proposition by bundling one or more solutions with your services.

All our solutions are fully integrated with each other to provide a seamless customer experience, but can also be implemented as standalone solutions. 

Bill your clients at a price you decide.

We can also provide fully white-labeled solutions with custom domains, branded logo, and design.

Partner Categories

There are many players and verticals that offer valuable services to restaurants. At mKonnekt, we are open to several categories of partners to maximize  client value delivery and offer a competitive strategic advantage to all parties

FoodKonnekt partners- service providers

Marketing Agency/Consultant

Are you offering branding, social media management, web design to restaurants in your area? Our growth strategy based on the A2A approach  and our smart solutions are just what you need to complement your bundle of services.

FoodKonnekt partner Program- Reseler Partners


Are you offering technology solutions (POS, KDS, GMS) or kitchen supplies to restaurants in your area? Our solutions are an excellent addition to your services and will help you to bring in new clients.

We Help You Grow Your Earning Potential

Our support team is there to assist you round the clock. Once the setup process is complete, you can start onboarding clients.

Handy Resources and Training Materials

As a partner, you have direct access to resources and training on our A2A framework, 4Q platform as well as the mKonnekt platform and other solutions including our online ordering solution and loyalty program.

Partner Enablement

Get answers on products, solutions, services, design, configuration, installation, and demos to help you make the sale.  Access to client proposals, case studies, templates, promotional assets, marketing and branding material.

Dedicated Partner Support

We provide one-to-one partner support. Need anything in particular feel free to reach out. We offer 27X7 support to our partners.

FoodKonnekt partner Program- Customer Support

Add Value To Your Services And Grow Your Business

Our support team is there to assist you round the clock. Once the setup process is complete, you can start onboarding clients.


Who's Eligible

Any digital marketing agency/individual, consultant or supplier working with restaurants can be a part of our Growth Program. We partner with individuals and agencies of all sizes and at all stages of growth, from start-ups to well established businesses.

How To Get Started?

Once you sign up and you’ll receive a confirmation email, followed by a phone call from our support staff to help you get started with the growth program.

What's Included In The Program?

You get access to our partner-exclusive resources including our growth strategy, A2A approach, marketing templates, and trainings aimed at helping you grow your agency/business.

Will I Get A Referral Fee?

Yes! If you refer mKonnekt to your clients, peers, or network, you earn referral fee for each successful conversion.

Yes! For agencies that refer Sprout Social to their clients, peers, or network, the agency will earn partner revenue share after the referral has been subscribed to Sprout for a set amount of time. The partner revenue share amount is determined by your tier level and the subscription amount of the referred account.

What’s Expected From Me As A Partner?

We are looking for individuals/agencies who want to grow their business. We are excited to be you partner in growth from strategy to execution!

Any other queries or concerns?

Get in touch with us at

Learn About Our Solutions

Whether you need a custom branded solutions for your clients or just want to add value to your bundle of services by proving a standalone solution, we are here to help.


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