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Ongoing training, resources/tools, and software to help you find and retain clients

We help Digital Marketing Agencies/ Consultants Land More Restaurant Clients

Through years of experience gained by working with restaurants and marketers, we at mKonnekt have developed a unique approach that helps you, as a restaurant marketer, understand your growth challenges, analyze the market and your competitors. The mKonnekt Growth Model, based on our A2A approach, enables you to acquire clients and retain them by planning, executing, and optimizing marketing strategies using customer data and insights.

Robust & Intuitive Solutions for your Restaurant
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Actionable Strategies

Acquire and retain clients by streamlining your marketing activities and delivering spectacular results with mKonnekt’s Growth Model.

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Turn Your Strategy Into Action

Step-by-Step guides and resources to help you implement the strategy and achieve consistent and sustainable growth.

The mKonnekt Growth Strategy

Transitioning to a full-time digital marketer and starting an agency is an attractive proposition, but it’s not without any hurdle. Even seasoned professionals who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing find it an uphill task to get clients on a regular basis.

Acquiring and Retaining customers through actionable marketing strategies and showing a positive ROI on your client’s investments is crucial for your agency. Our Growth Model can help you achieve rapid and sustainable growth..

Lack The Tools, Resources, Platforms Or The Know How To Implement The Growth Strategy?

Don't Worry, We Have Your Back!

Use Our Comprehensive Solutions To Bolster Your Growth

mKonnekt platform has been built for marketing agencies with a focus on driving customer engagement and revenues for restaurants. All our solutions are fully integrated with each other to provide a seamless customer experience, but can also be implemented as customized, fully white-labelled standalone solutions. Our technical architecture enables us to plug and pay these modules to suit your business requirements.

mkonnekt: Marketing and Technology Solutions For Restaurants;Restaurant Marketing Platform

Unified marketing & analytics platform to help you reach your marketing goals

Online Ordering solution for Restaurants; mKonnekt: Marketing and Technology Solutions For Restaurants

Zero Cost Online Ordering To Generate Incremental Revenues For Your Restaurant Clients

mKonnekt: Loyalty Program For Restaurants

Turn First Time Visitors Into Regulars And Build A Loyal Customer Base for your Clients.

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Attract New High Transaction Customers On A Regular Basis and Drive Sales For  Clients.

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