Use mKonnekt integrated service to boost your business profits.

In our view technology is just an enabler, while the need of the hour is to have an empowered workforce that can implement, maintain and generate results from the “technological solutions” adopted by the oragistaion.

At mKonnekt we firmly believe in “platform” + “services” approach. We ensure that all our clients are able to utilize the full spectrum of functionalities offered by our software.

To this end, we provide our clients with two kinds of services.


Why Turnkey Solution?

  1. You are interested in certain components of the mKonnekt platform.
  2. You have an in-house marketing team and you are looking for a technological implementation.

This is for you if you have a dedicated team of marketing professionals but would want us to handle the initial set up and training of your staff. We work with your team to implement, train and come up with guidelines that enable you to harness the “data-driven” power of mKonnekt platform.

We believe that we are only as successful as our clients. Towards this end, we provide ongoing  “customer support” to your marketing team to ensure that that you achieve the results promised via the mKonnekt platform.


Managed Services include both –  mKonnekt platform +  services.

  • We manage your location(s) by formulating marketing strategies and implementing them.
  • We analyze the results and then refine these strategies so that they are aligned with your business objectives.
  • We execute services within the precincts of our A2A Framework backed up by our mKonnekt platform.

Click here to get an idea about how we implemented Managed Services at a local franchise.

How Managed Services Work?


  • Are you a marketing agency/professional catering to the needs of the restaurant industry?
  • Are you trying to get an edge over other agencies?
  • Do you want to use “data-driven approaches” in your marketing strategies?

mKonnekt is committed to supporting the development of its clients and provides a range of support services including training and consultation. If you would like to learn to implement our approach at your restaurant, please get in touch.

mKonnekt Approach Training

mKonnekt Approach Training

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Why Turnkey Solution?

  1. You are a single location restaurant or a franchise owner who do not have a dedicated marketing team
  2. You want to augment your existing marketing team
  3. Cost effective solution

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