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Transform your website visitors into regular customers with our robust and intuitive solution, which emphasizes ease of use & customer engagement

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Two Packages to Choose from:

  1. Online Ordering Solution Only COMPLETELY FREE
  2. Online Ordering Solution + Marketing Services

An Integrated Online Ordering Solution:

As we are integrated into Clover, FoodTronix and Focus PoS, just plug and play to start receiving online orders from day one.

More Than Online Ordering:

At FoodKonnekt, we believe in working with our partners and at this difficult time, we are offering our range of services – Social Media Marketing, email marketing, Website all included in one package deal. All this comes to you at $69 per month. No contracts.

Do not own Clover, Foodtronix, or Focus PoS, no worries - we have our standalone online ordering platform that has all the offerings as listed above.
This limited period offer will help you reach more customers, promote your business locally, & increase online orders.
foodKonnek online ordering packages and pricing

Pivot Your Restaurant Online Ordering to Sail Through The Current Crisis

According to the National Restaurant Association “The coronavirus epidemic is the greatest crisis our industry has ever faced. Economic forecasts indicate that restaurants and the foodservice industry could sustain $225 billion in losses and eliminate 5-7 million jobs over the next three months.”

As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the United States, several states have ordered bars and restaurants to shut down except for takeout and delivery. Providing the convenience of online ordering to your customers becomes pertinent at this juncture

Our integrated solution can help you to add a revenue source while expanding your customer base. To help restaurants tide over these tough times we are offering our data-driven online marketing  services with every FoodKonnekt installation at a very nominal cost.

sales by restaurant type during the COVID-19 crisis
During the current crisis, one of the key drivers of the restaurant economy is the growing demand for convenient food ordering.
online ordering helps restaurants generate incremental sales

Our Online Ordering Solution- FoodKonnekt is just what you need at this juncture!

FoodKonnekt: An integrated Online Ordering Solution

Generate higher sales by offering the convenience of online ordering to your customers.

Foodkonnekt does away with all the hassles of an external Online ordering system.You can focus your time and energies on what you do best.

Seamless integration into your POS, so that your online orders along with all other orders appear in your system automatically.

Learn How mKonnekt Can Help Your Restaurant

At mKonnekt we firmly believe in the “platform” + “services” approach. We ensure that all our clients are able to utilize the full spectrum of functionalities offered by our software. To this end, we provide our clients with marketing services.

Organic Reach

To help our client Bread & Butter started to struggle with the Covid-19 restrictions we focused on connecting with the patrons using social media. We ensured that their Facebook posts resonated with the customers and also organized a virtual fundraiser to help the restaurant and their community.

Restuarnt's open only for pick-up and delivery due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Community Engagement

For our client Alladdin Cafe we reached out to the community to help increase online orders. We joined and created a human interest story and introduced the local community to the restaurant’s struggles through Facebook groups. This not only increased engagement with regular guests but also brought the whole neighborhood community closer to the restaurant.

Garnering Customer Support during the COVID-19 crisis
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